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A Fall Furnace Checklist

Here are a few reminders to prepare you for the upcoming colder months.  These simple items will help you be ready for the winter season.

Check the electrical panel and make sure the breaker for the furnace is on. Then head back to the utility room where the furnace resides and  make sure the switch for the heating system is in the “on” position.

Once this task has been completed it is a great opportunity to check your air filter and replace it if necessary.  The majority of home inspections we conduct we seem to always find that air filters are in dire need of being replaced.  It is also a good idea to ensure it is installed corrected and that the arrow on the filter is point in the right direction of the air flow (which is toward the heating unit cabinet).

If you have an electronic air filter, be sure to turn the unit’s power off first before opening it up. Regular cleaning of the air filter and/or electronic filter is important for not only your personal comfort but also for your furnace.