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Home Maintenance Plan

As a Registered Home Inspector in Toronto, I’ve been trained to identify deficiencies in a home.  By far the majority of deficiencies observed are related to minor and improper maintenance which, when left unattended too long can lead to very expensive repairs.  With human nature being what it is, these types of deficiencies are generally left until such time where they are motivated to act, such as when planning to buy or sell the home and call upon our expert services to give their home a full inspection and action plan for next steps.


With minimal effort we believe a home maintenance plan can and should be created for each home which explores each of the major components of a home and teaches homeowners how to inspect their homes to identify potential problem areas and then to act on them before repairs become costly.


A home maintenance plan should include items to be inspected monthly, quarterly, an annually. Terrific examples of a home maintenance plan can be found across the internet, or simply contact us for a thorough review and discussion.  The most import thing is to create a plan and then follow your plan.

Thomas Rando is a Registered Home Inspector and President of Clearview Home & Property Inspections.