What is the humidity level in your home?

It is recommendation acquire/purchase a hygrometer.  Hardware stores, department stores, building supply stores and electronics stores often carry hygrometers. In fact, hygrometers are usually sold wherever you would buy a room thermometer. Hygrometers and room thermometers are often combined into a single piece of equipment. (prices can rage from $10-$50).

Are humidifiers really needed?

It is really your choice and personal preference if you wish to have one.  Generally speaking, it is recommned to operate one during the winter heating season.  During the spring summer, and fall, it is actually recommend that they be turned off.

This simple table identifies recommend humidity levels for your home

When The Outdoor Temperature Is:Recommeded House Humidty

When The Outdoor Temperature Is Recommeded House Humidty
+30 40%
+20 35%
+10 30%
0 25%
-10 23%
-20 15%

What if the moisture levels are too high?

Often times, people will observe condesation along the windows. A small amount of condensation is to be expected however, if you wake up in the morning and you have a puddle of water along the window sill then the humidity level is too high. This is usually observed in the winter months.

Steps to controlling humidity