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Importance of Air sampling for mould spores inspection

Mould is one of the most undesirable conditions which a house can develop and it is no less than the house version of cancer. These microscopic, multi-cellular organisms are a type of fungi, which grow and thrive in areas where there is a constant presence of moisture. These asexual organisms multiply on their own. The reproductive formations are called spores and they have a tendency of germinating. The mould spores increase their concentration by multiplying and the presence of them lead to a number of health conditions such as skin rash, allergies, runny nose, extreme sneezing, hay fever and even Asthma.

Mould can develop in a home at any given time and it is highly important that both homeowners and potential home owners have proper inspections held to check for the presence of it. One particularly effective type of inspection for mould is known as air sampling.

Air sampling involves taking samples of air from the interior of a house which are then sent to a laboratory for inspection. Mould spores are airborne and so air sampling helps to detect different types of mould that is developing or might develop inside a house. The sample of air inside the house is collected through a pump which is joined to a filter. The pump is battery operated and must be able to draw the air through that filter. The sample is collected for a period of  10 minutes per sample on  average. The filter traps the contaminants in the air and are sent to the lab for analysis . Other methods of air sampling include sorbent sampling, bubble sampling and bag sampling.

mould spores inspection

Advantages of Air sampling for mould spores inspection

The advantages of air sampling vary with the type of procedure carried out but mostly, it is a thorough examination of the presence of mould. It enables the testing of the mould inside a laboratory and that can help detect other types of harmful contaminants as well. On the other hand, many of the procedures might take a long time. The air sampling must be thorough and carried out at various locations around the house.. For particularly mould spore inspection, spore trap inspection is carried out.

Spore trap air sampling is carried out to determine whether the presence of mould in the air can deal to a fungal problem. The samples which are collected can be sent off to be analyzed immediately and this presents a particular advantage to potential buyers and sellers who are getting their house inspected. In every type of air sampling, there are some basic rules to be followed. Such as sampling should not be carried out on a rainy day and the exposure of outdoor air should be as minimized as possible.

When compared to the cost of dealing with the issues that arise with mould, air sampling is a highly cost effective way of protecting both your home and your health.