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Importance of Air sampling for mould spores inspection

Mould is one of the most undesirable conditions which a house can develop and it is no less than the house version of cancer. These microscopic, multi-cellular organisms are a type of fungi, which grow and thrive in areas where there is a constant presence of moisture. These asexual organisms multiply on their own. The reproductive formations are called spores and they have a tendency of germinating. The...
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Work Only With A Certified Home Inspector

Home Inspection Certificates and Why We Need Them Purchasing homes is a milestone in most of our lives. Often times, it is only possible after a considerable amount of saving, often done across the span of our lives. Therefore, when it’s finally time to buy a house, it’s important that that every penny is well spent. This is where a Registered Home Inspectors come in. While it’s impossible for us to...
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Tips to identify a professional home inspection service

In today’s real estate market where buyers are looking for the perfect house to live in and the sellers are looking for the best value they can get off their home, overvaluing or undervaluing collaterals is highly common. As everyone is in an intense hurry to sell off their properties and make use of the financial gain to own something that satisfies their aesthetic and acquired demands. With such a...
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Home Inspection Tips to Save Buyers Money

Who does not want to own a home of their own? A home represents security and structure and gives an individual the satisfaction of knowing that that particular thing is something that no one can take away from them. Owning an asset on paper is a fulfilling feeling in itself but owning a home has a much higher emotional appeal. It’s your home, your solitude, your comfort zone and your own little...
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2022 Consumer Choice Award Winner!

We’ve done it again! Clearview Home & Property Inspections is proud to announce we are the 2022 Consumer Choice Award Winner in the category of Building Inspection for the Greater Toronto Area! This nationally renowned awards program recognizes business excellence and customer satisfaction as determined by a consumer survey. Considered to be the seal of excellence for identifying outstanding service...
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