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Serious structural problems are a considerable undertaking and a substancial expense. Some can’t be fixed at all. Here are a few of the common indicators.

Uneven Floors Leaning House
Uneven floors are typical, particularly in older homes. Here is a trick to help distinguish between a typical home with character and a structural problem.Floor sags to the middle of the home is fairly common in older homes. If the floor slopes towards an outside wall, there is a good chance that the house has a significant structural problem. No house is perfect however, if there is a lean that is detectable by eye, don’t take any chances, get it investigated by a qualified structural engineer.

Foundation cracks are common. This goes for new houses as well as old ones. While there is a great deal of engineering that goes into “reading” these cracks, there is one rule that you should keep in mind and that is that “Horizontal cracks in your foundation are a problem”.

Harmless Cracks
Most new foundations will develop small vertical cracks. These cracks are a result of the concrete shrinking as it cures. These cracks are about  1mm wide or less. They don’t affect the structure. The only concern is moisture pentration and leakage.