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What makes a good home inspection in Toronto?

Home Inspector in Toronto


A Toronto home inspection is a third party evaluation of your property. Professional home inspectors examine numerous components of a house, condo or other structure in order to identify defects as well as health and safety issues. This gives you the ability to review the present condition of the home and make a decision about whether or not you want to proceed with the transaction.


When you’re about to purchase what is likely the largest asset you’ll ever own, it’s a wise choice to educate yourself on the property so you know precisely what you’re getting into – the good, the bad and the ugly.


Choose a qualified home inspector


With hundreds of Toronto home inspectors to choose from, how do you know the one you select is going to provide you with a quality service? You’ve made the smart decision to have an inspection on your new home-to-be, but you want to make sure you get a professional and thorough inspection that covers all the bases.


During your vetting process, look for a home inspector in Toronto who has:

How you know when you’ve received a good Toronto home inspection


You’re confident that you’ve hired a competent and professional home inspector. You pay and receive your report but how do you know if the inspection was a thorough one?


Let’s get to the bottom of it.


Ask yourself these questions.


  1. Did my Toronto home inspector demonstrate an excellent investigative process for defect identification?


A good home inspector in Toronto will investigate the exterior of your home, the roof, all structural, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning systems, your fireplace and other gas appliances, interior systems, your insulation and vapour barriers, and your mechanical and natural ventilation systems. You also need to ask how your home inspector evaluated these areas of your home. Did they bring a ladder and physically evaluate the roof? Did they take pictures to show you? Did they explain all of their findings to you?


  1. Did my home inspector present the home’s features and defects in a clear and articulate way?


A qualified, experienced and skilled home inspector knows how to show you exactly what you need to know in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling confused or overwhelmed. Your home inspector should speak using words and terminology you can understand, and give you visuals by walking you through the home and/or using photos, which are particularly useful for hard-to-reach areas (i.e. the roof).


  1. Did my Toronto home inspector provide well-written documentation of all defects, including pictures?


This is important in the event that you use this documentation to negotiate a better price on the property or specific repairs prior to closing. In another scenario, if you’ve purchased a new-build and you’re required to submit your 30-day form or 1-year form to Tarion, the better the documentation you receive from your home inspector, the easier your form submission process and the greater the likelihood that either your builder or Tarion will fix the defects with no questions asked.


  1. Did my home inspector communicate exceptionally well both during the inspection and after it?


When you’re talking about your future home, the last thing you want is a home inspector who can’t communicate well enough for you to understand precisely the points of concern. From the language used, to the way in which concepts and information are explained to you, a good home inspection will leave you feeling educated and informed to make your next best move.


A home inspection is one of the smartest services you can obtain on a property – as long as it’s a good one. Protect your investment, and protect yourself and your family by knowing exactly what to look for (and demand) in a home inspection.

Thomas Rando is a Registered Home Inspector and President of Clearview Home & Property Inspections.