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Work Only With A Certified Home Inspector

Home Inspection Certificates and Why We Need Them

Purchasing homes is a milestone in most of our lives. Often times, it is only possible after a considerable amount of saving, often done across the span of our lives. Therefore, when it’s finally time to buy a house, it’s important that that every penny is well spent. This is where a Registered Home Inspectors come in. While it’s impossible for us to really verify the condition a house because of a lack of expert knowledge, Home Inspectors make it their job to find out about the houses. However, it’s essential that the Home Inspector you are getting is Registered from the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors, the authority on Home Inspection in the province of Ontario.

Home Inspectors provide critical information and so it’s really important that you get this from a registered professional.

Cost wise, Home Inspections cost about $425 on average although they can roam from anywhere between $200 for smaller houses to $1000 for larger houses. While this certainly adds a level of expenditure to your already expensive venture of purchasing a house, the potential repair costs you are saving yourself from are certainly worth the extra greens. The health and damage costs of moving into a house with faulty wiring or major structural  problems don’t need to be explained, surely.

As you can see, the information you are getting is of a sensitive nature and so while uncertified Home Inspectors will save you money, its best you go for the Registered Home Inspectors. Furthermore, registered home inspectors are trained to find these faults and use proper equipment, which uncertified ones are not.

Home Inspections also give you a bargaining tool. If your inspector finds faults or certain inconsistencies in the home, you can use these to negotiate asking for said repairs or lower costs. It’s a very useful yet fair tool to use when you’re going up against those feisty real estate agents.

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Ultimately, buying a home is an emotional process and we are all nervous before it happens. We are parting with a lot of money here and most of us will only buy homes once in our lives. Given that is the case, there really is no excuse in leaving stones unturned towards ensuring you have done the most before making your purchase. In that regard, getting a Home Inspection from a Registered Home Inspector is a clear necessity.