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Eco Efficiency – Blower Door Test

One of the quickest and most affordable energy-saving projects is to seal cracks and openings around your house, but first you have to find the leaks. Some air leakage is obvious because you can feel it, such as a draft around your window or under an exterior door. Other leaks are less obvious.

Air leakage can be contributing to your uncomfortable home and high energy bills. Before installing new energy-efficient windows or making other efficiency upgrades, we recommend having a blower door test performed determining exactly where your home is losing energy.

A Blower Door (a diagnostic tool that measures the air leakage of the building envelope through unwanted air infiltration/ex-filtration) is a fantastic way to determine air leakage. A blower door test involves having a Registered Energy Advisor placing the home under negative air pressure to determine the building envelope’s air leakage profile.  This data is used in conjunction with a visual inspection and/or thermal imaging technologies to precisely identify air leakage areas of your home so that you can take steps to make improvements.

Blower door video

Blower Door Service –  Blower Door Service with thermal imaging walkthrough and report with pictures:  Rate:$450