Energy Audits

At Clearview Home & Property Inspections, we are Registered Energy Advisors under license to Eco Advantage Energy Advisors Inc.. We monitor energy incentive and rebate programs to keep you informed about new or changing programs that will help clients save energy.

In order to qualify for various home renovations rebate programs, a home energy assessment is the first step. The energy assessment will help you make informed decisions about which upgrades work best for your home, how to prioritize them and which will save you most on energy costs. When you perform 2 qualifying upgrades, you can receive rebates up to $5000 toward the cost of your energy upgrades plus up to $600 of the costs of your home energy assessment itself.

Incentive Programs

The home energy assessment process can be simplified into four simple steps:

  • Contact Clearview Home & Property Inspections to schedule an energy assessment before you undertake your
    planned renovation upgrades
  • Complete a minimum of two eligible upgrades within 120 days
  • Contact Clearview to reschedule your follow-up assessment
  • When you qualify, you will received a rebate cheque within 90 days

Bonus: For a limited time, additional IESO rebates apply for items such as

  • Upgrading to an 18 SEER Air Conditioner
  • Upgrading Gas furnace with ECM motor
  • Energy Star Washer
  • Energy Star Refrigerator