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IAQ Inspection Process


Carried out by a CMHC approved IAQ Investigator, the 6 steps process entails:cmhc-schl-canada1

Initial consultation: You suspect an indoor air quality issues and need professional advice. The initial consultation will determine if we need to proceed to the next step, the visual inspection.

Visual Inspection: Qualified IAQ investigator is sent to your home and performs the following tasks:
Looking for visual mold (water stains, moisture intrusion)
Recording humidity levels and temperatures from room to room
Checking suspect areas with a surface moisture meter to detect moisture in wall cavities

Sampling: The visual inspection may indicate which rooms may need to be sampled along with an outdoor control sample. This step is optional and will be discussed collaboratively with homeowner on-site to determine if required.

Reporting: Following the indoor air sampling test, you will receive a written report that will interpret the lab results, followed by recommendations. The lab results are legal documents and have individual identification numbers on them.

Recommendations: The recommendations are divided into three groups. The first groups are those that can be done easily for no or low cost (for under $100). The second grouping is for medium cost measures between $100 – $1000 that you may be able to do yourself or in some cases hire a contractor. The third category is for high cost measures, over $1000.

Final Air Sampling: Following any remediation activity, one of our Investigators will revisit your home, confirming that mold spores are no longer elevated. This includes final air sampling of your environment and visually inspecting all areas previous concern.