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Total Coliform

Coliform testing include Fecal coliform, E. coli and Total coliform

If you’ve had a sewer backup or flooded basement you should consider having the area tested for Coliform bacteria.  Coliform bacteria are described and grouped, based on their origin or characteristics, as either Total or Fecal Coliform. The total coliform group includes Fecal Coliform bacteria such as Escherichia coli (E .coli), as well as other types of Coliform bacteria that are naturally found in the soil. Fecal Coliform bacteria exist in the intestines of warm blooded animals and humans, and are found in bodily waste, animal droppings, and naturally in soil. Most of the Fecal Coliform in fecal material is known to cause serious human illness.

Total Coliform do not necessarily indicate recent water contamination by fecal waste, however the presence or absence of these bacteria in treated water is often used to determine whether water disinfection is working properly. However, the presence of Fecal Coliform may indicate recent contamination by human sewage or animal droppings which could contain other bacteria, viruses, or disease causing organisms. This is why Coliform bacteria are considered “indicator organisms”; their presence warns of the potential presence of disease causing organisms and should alert the person responsible for hygiene to take precautionary action.

We can take samples to an accredited lab to have the material tested to tell if coliform organisms are present.  The lab will provide qualitative analysis of environmental samples such as swabs, water, dust, etc. for presence/absence of coliforms.