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Clearview is a top rated and award winning home inspection company!

We are among the top home inspection companies in the greater Toronto area with experienced and highly qualified home inspectors. If you are purchasing a property in the Toronto area, or need trusted advice before starting a renovation project contact us. Leverage the specialized training and experience of Toronto’s award winning home inspection company to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Based out of our main office in Mississauga, Clearview Home & Property Inspections deliver results to our clients. Our inspectors:

  • Identify key operational items about the home – explain the current condition and the recommended update/repair timeline. Offer tips and recommendations, as well as home maintenance suggestions.
  • Teach you about the different aspects of the home during the inspection.
  • Encourage your participation and questions during the review so you understand our recommendations.
  • Write a detailed yet easy to read inspection report in digital format.
  • Provide after-inspection support, for the questions you forgot to ask.

As Registered Home Inspectors (R.H.I.), our superior combination of experience, preparedness, certification, continuing education programs, and professional affiliations continue to make us an ideal choice for your home inspection needs in the Greater Toronto Area.  When looking for a top home inspection company that delivers high quality home inspections in the GTA, give us a call and see for yourself.

Here are the top 6 criteria in selecting the right home inspector for you

Buying a home for most people is the largest single purchase in their lives. As such, its critically important to know what you are buying and its condition before signing on the dotted line.

One crucial step in the home-buying process is hiring a reputable and qualified home inspector. A qualified home inspector can identify potential issues, allowing you to make informed decisions. Here are the top 6 criteria to selecting the right home inspector for you.

Top 6 Selection Criteria for a Home Inspector

Start by researching local home inspectors. Look for professionals with relevant credentials, such as being a member of reputable associations like Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI). This indicates a commitment to high standards and ongoing education.

Evaluate the inspector’s experience. Experience brings a deeper understanding of construction practices and potential issues. A seasoned home inspector of 10+ years is more likely to catch subtle problems that might be overlooked by a less experienced professional.

Client Reviews and Testimonials:
Read client reviews and testimonials to gauge the satisfaction of previous customers. There are many good source such as HomeStars, Google, Yelp, Consumers Choice etc.

Ensure that the home inspector carries professional liability and E&O insurance. Insurance is crucial for protecting both parties in case of errors or omissions.

Interview Inspector:
Contact your inspectors to discuss their process, pricing, and availability. A brief interview can provide insight into their communication style and willingness to address your concerns. Trust your instincts and choose an inspector who makes you feel comfortable and informed.

Attend the Inspection:
Your attendance at the home inspection is not only welcomed, but encouraged. Being present allows you to ask questions and gain a firsthand understanding of the inspector’s findings. A good inspector will gladly explain their observations and provide insights into maintenance practices.

Cost Considerations:
While cost is a factor, it shouldn’t be the sole or dominant factor. Consider the value offered by the inspector in terms of experience, thoroughness, and the quality of the inspection report.

Investing time and effort into finding the best home inspector is crucial for making informed decisions about your potential home. By following these steps and conducting thorough research, you can increase the likelihood of hiring a qualified inspector who will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your future home. Remember, the peace of mind that comes from a thorough inspection is invaluable in the home-buying process.