Mississauga Home Inspection

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It is best to contact several Mississauga home inspection companies and check their qualifications. There are several important things to look for in a Mississauga home inspector. Our Mississauga home inspection professionals are registered and certified. However, many other home inspection businesses are not. That is why you should always ask if your Mississauga home inspector is registered and certified as home inspector. In addition to checking home inspector is registered, you should also enquired about their Mississauga home inspection experience in the building trades, and if they carried Errors & Omissions insurance.

Make sure to ask the home inspector what kind of services they provide and what services require an extra fee. Because testing for lead paint or radon, among many other things, is not required, it is important to find out if the home inspector is capable, or qualified for the extra inspection procedures. Find out what kind of report you will receive and ask if you can get photos of the problems areas along with the checklist of inspected systems. Also, it’s a good idea to ask for a time estimate. Make sure you attend the Mississauga home inspection as inspectors report all problems and it’s important to actually see the problem for yourself. It’s not a good idea to let family or friends perform the inspection for you. Even though they may have some expertise, there could be a huge problem for you if they miss a major problem, which could cause conflicts.

Purchasing real estate can be either the investment of a lifetime or a mistake that will never go away. Having the right Mississauga home inspector before the transaction is complete will allow you to properly strategize on the purpose of the property along with knowing the integrity of the property. With our Mississauga home inspection services you’ll be able to make the right choice and feel 100% comfortable with that decision.