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6 Surprising Things That Fail a Home Inspection

6 Surprising Things That Fail a Home Inspection

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Having an inspection done on a home before buying it is an essential step in the home-buying process. By having a home inspection done, you’ll receive an unbias opinion of the condition of the house before deciding to buy or not. Although it is true that you can waive home inspections, this isn’t something that you want to consider.

A home inspection is worth every penny, and we’ll tell you why. More things fail a home inspection than you think. And hiring a professional to come in and inspect the home for you is the best way to ensure that all “T’s” get crossed and all “I’s” get dotted before committing to a home.

Those that choose to not have an inspection done, might find themselves in a mess down the road. This is because many things will fail a home inspection that you can’t see with the naked eye. Fortunately, professional home inspectors know exactly what to look for and how to find it.

Continue reading to learn about 6 surprising things that will cause a home to fail an inspection!

1. Radon Gas

Radon gas is a radioactive gas that’s caused by the decaying of uranium in the soil under a house. The scariest thing about radon gas is that you cannot see or smell it, and the only way to detect it is to have a specific test done for it. If you have an inspection done on a home and a radon test comes back positive, never go through with the purchase until it’s taken care of.

Radon gas causes serious health issues such as lung cancer.

2. Structural Issues

One of the most important parts of a home inspection is the inspection of the structure of the home. Without proper structure, what’s inside the home may not matter. Structural issues in a home may be the cause of water damage, where the home was built, and how the house was built.

But no matter what the cause of the damage is, one thing is for sure: don’t purchase a home unless structural issues have been fixed. Structural issues can be scary because, without a proper inspection, these issues may go unnoticed. Without a solid foundation, a home might not even be safe to live in.

3. Moisture in the Basement

If your potential home includes a basement, be sure to check for moisture. This is also true for the attack of the home. But because basements are below the ground, this space is more likely to have moisture.

Not only can moisture in the basement cause spalling to the brick or concrete, but it’s also a culprit of mold growth. This is why it’s important to have an inspection done on a home’s basement as well.

4. Asbestos

When looking into purchasing an older home, be aware of highly-dangerous asbestos. In the past, asbestos was thought to be a great material for building and many older homes contain it. However, over the years, we learned that asbestos is extremely dangerous to our health.

When dust or particles of asbestos reach the air, it’s easily breathable. It will then attach to the inside of the lungs, which ultimately causes cancer. Because asbestos is so dangerous, it is never advised that you should attempt to remove it yourself.

Professionals must come in to remove it safely. They have the proper gear and tools to do so with the least amount of disturbance. If asbestos is in a home, everyone must leave immediately until it’s removed.

5. Fireplace and Chimney Issues

A fireplace and chimney inspection may not have crossed your mind, but if your potential home has one of these, it’s best to have it inspected. Dampers will be opened and shut to ensure that they are in working order, and there will be a check for any nest built inside. But, you might want to consider asking your inspector to look for soot buildup, which may cause fires.

You can also ask your inspector to a full inspection of the fireplace or chimney, which includes going into the attack, onto the roof, and into any crawl spaces.

6. Swimming Pool Issues

A basic swimming pool inspection usually includes looking at the pumps and heaters to be sure that they are in working order. If you’re looking into purchasing a home that has a swimming pool, then it’s important to have a full swimming pool inspection completed. Pressure tests and inspection of any leaks will be completed.

A pool is a wonderful accessory to a home, but it can be costly if not taken care of correctly. Have a pool inspection done and save money down the road.

Be Wary of These Surprising Things That Fail a Home Inspection

The home buying process is exciting and fun, but it is also stressful at times. Don’t add on more stress by purchasing a home without having a full inspection completed beforehand. Aside from these 6 surprising things that fail a home inspection, there are many other reasons why a home might fail the test.

Be on top of your house buying game and have an inspection done! Contact us today to get the process started.